demo party



01. babypiano demo
02. robo/dino
03. unterwasserlevel
04.´s a dance party
05. das bike lied
06. struthiomimus
07. the sloppy detective
08. flint
09. schweinaffe
10. exaggerate demo
11. rap vokabeln
12. fingertier bonus track
13. justdidit
14. kiddy key
15. weihnachtssingle

the title pretty much says it all: this album is compiling pieces of different puzzles. it is the funky seance of songs and yet-to-be songs that get together, celebrating a party, dedicated to unfinishedness and spontaneousness. Kid Ikarus gives us insight into his musical cache memory. "demo party" has some hits on it, that die-hard fans were demanding to get put on tape for a long time now. so you will find crowd pleasers like "robo / dino" or "`s a dance party", that you can now finally also enjoy at home, alongside more conceptual fragments like "schweinaffe". 3 hoorays to demo parties!